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Clients will Experience:
Increased opportunities to discuss his/her personalized fitness training plan as it relates to his/her health-related belief system
Realize what barriers exist that preclude him/her from achieving his/her intended training goals
Allow one-on-one time to identify personal, interpersonal, financial, and emotional, factors that affect the fitness plan
Produce a written strategic plan that integrates the fitness training plan with the client’s stated life goals

BalancedPower Coaching Services

Assist clients to clarify stated goals
Assist clients to identify barriers to achieving these goals
Guide clients to discover life plans that support and/or detract from goals
Help clients to develop a strategic plan that integrates fitness and nutrition with his/her life plan to assure positive outcome.

As a result of engaging in Wellness Coaching the client will realize:

 A clear understanding of how his/her health-related belief system affects his/her physical performance
A list of barriers that interfere with his/her training plan
A personal connection with an experienced coach who possesses the skills to view the athlete beyond the physical training plan
A collaborative strategic formula that includes training plan integrated with his life goals to assure positive outcomes
An ability to identify, when the need arises, to refocus the above plan with the counselor 

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Athletes Attest to the Effectiveness:

“After working with you for only 6 months, he was the only one uninjured out of our whole triathlon club - and not only that, he was getting MUCH faster after hiring you too”

"“Finishing the half-marathon as strongly as I did was a real highlight in my life last year. I couldn't have done it without you.”
BalancedPowerCoaching Provides:
Personalized Training Plans
Workout Data Analysis
Nutrition Consultation
Strength Training Programs
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Skill Development; Running, Cycling, Swimming
Regular Contact with Coach